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Looking forward with CLS

We’re looking forward to so many wonderful performances and participation projects this year. Some of which, as you’ll have seen and heard about already on Instagram, has already had a creative and positive impact on our musicians and workshop participants.

In our first 2018 podcast (available for download on SoundCloud and iTunes), you’ll hear from Alexandra Wood and our team about what they’re looking forward to this year, including working with people at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School (whose music features in our podcast!), learning more about mental health, Ariadne auf Naxos at OHP, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out on DVD.

“In this world, there’s so much clutter: constant noise, texts, emails our mobile phones. We constantly need to be on our toes, ready to act. It’s wonderful to take time just to exist, to breathe, and to have space.” – Alexandra Wood

What are you looking forward to this year, or even this week? Whatever it is, take the time to just enjoy it.



NMC Recordings of Gwilym Simcock & City of London Sinfonia now available for digital download!

After a fantastic few months of performances, broadcasts and interviews across the country, we are delighted to announce that NMC’s recording of Gwilym Simcock’s On a Piece of Tapestry, performed by City of London Sinfonia, renowned clarinettist Michael Collins and the composer himself at the piano, are now available for digital download.

Flawlessly fusing the traditionally distinct worlds of classical music and jazz, Gwilym Simcock composed On a Piece of Tapestry in reaction to two poems by Spanish / American philosopher poet George Santayana, which are narrated in this recording by British actor and comedic legend, John Sessions. NMC’s Music Map is a fantastic way to explore the relationships between Gwilym Simcock’s own unique style and influences.

Commissioned by City of London Sinfonia as part of the New Music Biennial (a PRS for Music Foundation initiative that exists to support, promote and showcase the talent of UK’s new music sector) the work has since been performed across the country from Bradford-on-Avon to Dublin, culminating in a exciting concert in the cultural programme of Glasgow’s UNESCO Commonwealth Games at the beginning of the month.

To download the track, just visit NMC’s online shop, iTuneor Amazon. 


Gwilym Simcock appears courtesy of ACT Records & Michael Collins in courtesy of Chandos Records